School of Rock in Carmel, Indiana

Anyone that knows us knows that we are HUGE fans of rock music, or music in general.  We are soooo excited when we learned that the School of Rock was opening up right here in Carmel, Indiana!!  If you or anyone you know has a child or young adult that is really into music you MUST check out their website.  They have some amazing concerts going on this summer where the students perform some awesome songs.  These kids are playing with tennis rackets and hockey sticks along with their stereo… they are REALLY ROCKING OUT!

They also have some amazing summer camps for their musicians!  I believe the next one starts in the middle of July.  CLICK HERE for more info directly on their site.

We’ll have more posts coming soon spotlighting some of the people involved with School of Rock in Carmel as well, so stay tuned!  Oh yeah, say hi to Eric who we have featured in this shot.  🙂