Rock the Dress/ Day After Session

So we’ve been teasing everyone with Rock the Dress and what it’s about, what it will look like and why all the hype. : )  Blame me for that because we’ve been so excited to finally release these.   You’ve seen them on the blog recently and their were our first volunteers to want in on the fun.  Bryan & Amanda were once again awesome, Amanda was totally up for anything we’d come up with… which we love.  We had a hard time picking out just a “few” shots from this session, but here they come!!!


Don’t worry guys, we’ll get you in on the fun too.


Absolutely stunning!!!




Ummmm WOW!!  If you could have seen the behind the scenes and all of the laughing that was going on right before and after this you’d wonder how we got such an amazing shot, thanks to Amanda who was able to compose herself for a 100th of second. : )


So we liked the first one so much, we shot it again at a different angle. : )









026-copyAnd that!!  Is how you Rock the Dress.  We’ve been getting a TON of inquiries about this.  So here’s the breakdown of what it is and what it’s all about.  It’s a chance for brides to put there dress on one more time, have some fun, get some fun/fashionable/artistic/modern/traditional/etc shots in it before it you tuck away into a closet forever.  FOREVER!!  What we do is different from a Trash the Dress, which is very cool in its own right. : )  What we set out to do is have fun, get some more cool shots of you in your dress.  These are the types of shots that you typically don’t have time for on your wedding day.

Stay tuned because we’ve got more examples coming soon!!! : )

Thanks again Bryan & Amanda for Rocking the Dress with us!!!  YOU ROCK!