Matt & Christina, Chicago Engagement SessionC

Meet Matt & Christina!!!  We had a great time with them in Chicago.  We really got a chance to get to know them, we sat down had a drink, went a shot, sat down for some dinner and then shot some more.  We had a blast and can’t wait for E-Session # two with you both!!! : )  Onto the shots we go!

I was really feeling the vintage look with some of these shots.  Sometimes I just feel like a shot would be a cool with a little bit of twist… not too worry, I still do our standard look as well. : )

It’s been noted before that I have a terrible fear of heights… well this one was shot on the HUGE ferris wheel at Navy Pier.  I was fine as long as I was shooting, but as soon as I stopped I was thinking “are we back down yet”?  LOL!  It was still fun, awesome seeing the skyline from up there.

Thank you both again so much and we are sorry that you got that parking ticket Matt. 🙁   We’ll see you again this fall and can’t wait!