Jerod & Ashley, Indianapolis Wedding

Meet Jerod and Ashley!  We had a great time with these two and their wedding party… emphasis on party.  Ha! : )  Seriously though, they were a lot of fun.   We’d like to publicly thank Ashley & Jerod for giving us plenty of time to shoot, it was so nice to not be rushing around and have some fun with the photos. 

They had their reception at one of our favorite venues, The Scottish Rite in downtown Indianapolis.  They also had one of our all time favorite DJ’s, Jason from AMS!  Add all of those up and it makes for an awesome day.

Anyway, let’s get to the photos shall we? : )

I have a confession, when we were going through all of the photos there were a handful of them that I couldn’t stop laughing at… you HAD to be there, trust me. : )

Uh oh, I spot a pair of very familiar faces in this next set.  I think they win an aware for the most appearances on the Meyer Photography Blog.   Bryan & Amanda, who just celebrated a 1 year anniversary. : ) 

I’ve heard the expression, “some big pants to fill”… but that’s rediculous!!!  Ha! : )  All kidding aside, Ashley had these large skimpies attached to her garter.  It was quite hilarious.  I am curious as to what happened to those, someone took them… but who?!  Ha! : )

Thank you both again so much, we had an absolute blast with you and it was an honor to capture your special day.  We hope to see you soon!  -Jim & Debbie