Garric & Mandy Brown County Indiana Engagement

2 more very familiar faces for Debbie and I. : )  We feel so fortunate to get to work with these 2 next September as well!  We had great weather in Brown County for their Engagement Session and they had a ton of cool ideas for places to shoot.   O.K., let’s get to the shots already! : )

We had a little hike to get to this spot, but totally worth it!!



O.K., inside joke time.  “That’s for getting right in my shot lady!”  Ha!





So we had fun with this one… “hey let’s do a shot with some falling leaves”.  Sounds harmless right?  Not if you put a ton of leaves in Debbie’s hands. : )  She threw them right on Garric & Mandy, it was pretty funny… maybe you had to be there, but trust me it was funny. : )


O.K., so anyone who has shot with us or with me as seen one of my many pairs of Chuck Taylors and you KNOW how much I dig my Chucks… well check out Mandy’s!!!!  Awesome!! : )



Thanks again you two, we can’t wait till next year!!!!! : )